car battery charger buying guide


Before buy a battery charger make sure your battery in chargeable condition suppose if you have a car battery which you are using for your car and you car not cranking and you think his battery going to a dead but this is not necessary you car not starting because of your battery not charge there are many reasons which you car cranking depends on may be have some wire problem or alternate problem or may be some problem in self so you can use  a battery tester for check your battery working or not and if you dont want to buy a battery tester than you can check with a piece of wire which everyone have in his home just take a piece of wire first put on wire side into positive side now you have to touch second side (-) negative of as you try to touch the negative side its give a spark . coming of spark amount you can judge your battery in chargeable condition if low spark is coming than still your battery is live and it needs charging . if spark not coming than your battery is dead . you may be recover your battery depends on battery condition if it not used by four five months but battery plates condition is good than your battery can recover by charging but if your battery too old and plates are weak than it have less chances to recover dry batteries are less chances to recover in mostly case if dry battery once dead it not recovered and you have to replace. you can also check your battery with multimeter just set multimeter on 20dc and put multimeter red needle into positive side and black needle put on negative for example if 7 or 8v is coming and after putting on charge after some hours it is increasing than that means your battery is charging it will charge until it will reach on 13 volt after that charge will cut off.

12v battery charger

How much ah charger take while charging?

Every battery take for charging at least 0.5 ah to 7-8ah for charging some people who charge battery they also have multimeter they check battery charger when they buy and they complaint charger is showing on 6volt or 7volt you wrote in listing 12v and your charger not working so I want to tell you every battery take 0.5 ah to 7ah for battery charging and every battery for make a full needs to be at least 12.5v -13v. for example if I eat for chapati in one time than will not put 4 chapati in my mouth at once I will eat by bite sample like this every battery have its transfer rate according to his condition and strength if you want to check with multimeter here I explained in image and also checked in video not only our charger I checked all charger and show you how much output coming from charger.

How our charger works

Now I want to tell you how our charger works when you plug and switch on the charger power indication will on than you have to put the charger wire to the battery for charger red wire you have to put on
(+) positive and black wire you should put on negative than you see ah meter show you how much ah your battery taking. if meter is on zero than still after you putted the battery on charge that mean your battery not start charging and you should have to find the actual reason if you have doubt charger is not working and your battery is ok than you can check charger with two methods first is take red and black  charging wires In your hand and keep your eyes on ah meter and touch red and black wire with each other just for sec or half sec and when you touch both wires with each other you will see the ah meter will respond and when you put wire back and it will come on zero if it ah meter not responding than that mean charger fuse had blown just you have to change the fuse and charger will ready for charger your battery and I want to tell you fuse in the charger we put for safety purposes if something is wrong in you battery or charger or charging wire touch with each other or you put wire wrongly short circuit high voltage in any harm condition fuse will blow just you have to change to fuse and charger will start working again one fuse come in charger we also give on extra fuse with charger if you need more fuses you can buy from any electronics spare part shop just ask for 5ah fuse.

in Condition both lights blinking

In condition of both lights blinking

When you put battery on charge you putted red wire on battery positive terminal(+) and black wire you put on negative side (-) and you see charger both lights blinking than you don’t need to worry about it is happening coz of your battery not taken charging charger supply output to the battery but battery not taking than its send message to the charger so red indication on than charge try again to supply and this process repeating so lights blinking so what you have to do just keep battery on charge and wait for 5 to 10 minutes if will see lights moving slowly and after that light swayable only power indication is glowing and ah meter start taking ah that mean you battery start charging if this not happen than remove battery from charge because this your battery not in chargeable condition.

How to get help without harassment

When we purchased product online and received the product the first of thing while shipping boy at your door step check in front of him order is ok and if package got damage don’t receive the product or check on the spot. Second thing when you opened the packing and you see product got damage or you receive different product don’t keep that product go to your order and raise a ticket for replacement or ask on customer support some people we seen give negative feedbacks and expecting they get support after negative feedback there are two thing we need to understand one is the ecommerce website and second is the seller if you buy a product from amazon or flipkart or any other site and you get damage product or received your order late or you get damage product and you want to complaint than this is a not a vendor fault shipping is not in vendor hand  call to the customer support or email to amazon or flipkart where u bought from . if you product quality is not working than you have to contact to seller message them and they provide you the solution and if seller not responding than there is a seller fault than you have to give negative feedback but if you expecting help from seller by given negative feedback than you are wrong because no seller can contact with the buyer who given feedback. So the feedback option ecommerce companies given to buyer that is only for product experience. So give your approach on the correct place.  

Things you should know before buy 12v battery charger guide

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    את הנערה העתידית שלך לערב. פורטל מעצבי
    שמלות כלה בישראל מציע פלטפורמה המרכזת את כלל המעצבים הישראלים ומאפשרת לגולשים להתרשם מטווח עיצובים רחב של שמלות
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    העיסוי התאילנדי בחיפה והסביבה עובד על שרירים
    , גידים , מפרקים , עצבים וכן על איברים פנימיים .

    העיסוי התאילנדי בראש העין – הינו עיסוי ביבש שמתבצע לרוב על
    המזרון (אפשר גם על מיטת טיפולים) .
    ככל העץ הינו חומר גלם מאוד חזק ועמיד ולכן
    כאשר הספסל עץ לגינה מורכב
    ומותקן כשורה אין סכנה שהוא ישבר או יתפרק לנו
    תודות לתכונותיו העמידות של העץ.

  9. במהלך העיסוי נעשה שימוש בשמנים מיוחדים החיוניים לגוף שלנו ומסייעים בהרפיית השרירים והזנת הגוף.

    עיסוי בראשון יכול להקנות לכם הרבה מעבר לטיפול גופני ויתרונות לגוף
    אלא גם יתרונות לנפש. מחפש דירה דיסקרטית בראשון לציון?
    במידה ואינכם ספורטאים כדאי לקחת יום כיף בספא ראשון לציון לפחות פעם בחודש-חודשיים
    ולהשקיע קצת בעצמכם ובבריאות שלכם.
    כמו כן במידה ואתם מחפשים אחר אטרקציה מלהיבה בעת שאתם נופשים באזור תוכלו ליהנות מיום כיף במתחם הספא המומלץ שלנו בראשון לציון וליהנות לא רק מעיסוי מקצועי אלא מכל מתחמי
    הספא במקום. כיף ענק, שמומלץ מאוד גם לילדים ומשפחות.
    מסאז בראשון לציון נותן שירותי עיסוי על ידי אנשי מקצוע
    טובים מאוד. אתם לא המצאתם את זה, נערות ליווי מתורגלות מאוד באירועים עסקיים והן משתלבות שם
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