methods that really helps to keep your car batteries from failing across lockdown

Millions of cars were forced to come to a standstill when the shutdown was implemented unexpectedly in mid-March. When your vehicle isn’t used regularly, the battery will drop charge, it is very tuff to start to next time when you urgently need of your vehicals.

after the research in depth  , the EY, around 30-from-hundered of us vehicals have completely stucked they cant  driving through when the countries locked. This is evidenced in the EY record-breaking number of home flat battery breakdowns.As a result, they’ve discussed some helpful info with us so that we can support you in ensuring good health of your car battery during in the shutdown.

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Why is my car’s starting being hampered by my battery?

Your battery is one of many components that lead to the starting of your vehicle’s engine. Here are a few explanations why your car battery could be preventing you from starting your vehicle.

• The battery in your car is old and no longer holds a charge as well as it once did.

• For the past few months, you’ve just driven your car on short trips. if possible go outside once a atleast 30 minutes  that your car will have enough time to charge your battery.

• The battery in your car is dead. If you leave accessories like dash cams plugged in, they will drain your battery. Immobilizers, radios, and interior lights are all examples of this.

some advices to keep the battery batteries alive while lockdown and avoid them from dead.

You may have discovered that your car battery keeps going flat during lockdown, prompting you to look for ways to prevent this from happening again. If that’s situation , will try to tell you few thing so  you can  increase the life of your car battery when it’s not in use.

1) Use a battery conditioner or a trickle charger.

If you’re not going outside on your car for an from along time, trickle chargers or battery conditioners are good to keep them alive. They can also keep items that are known to drain the car’s battery from doing so (such as immobilisers and dash cams) from draining it.

2) Don’t start your car and then turn it off.

turning on your vehical engine for sometime  after some days and turning it off not benifial for your vehical keep in mind it is really doed harm damge your vehical more than good.

3) Stay away from short journeys.

small  trips on your vehicals  , in addition to turning your car on and off, will drain your battery if it’s already small or weak.

4) Drive for 30 minutes at a time in your car.

Using your required  to drive your vehical for 30 minutes at a time should be sufficient to recharge your car’s battery.

5) If you have multiple vehicals , alternate trips.

If you have more than one car, it’s a smart option to swap cars any time you make an important trip to ensure that each vehicle gets a good drive.

6) Consult the manuals for electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs).

Batteries are still used in EVs and PHEVs, and they can drain when the vehicle is not in operation. The manufacturer’s advice will vary, but it could include placing your EV in “update automatically” for a period of time every few weeks to charge the battery.

7) make sure battery meets or exceeds your vehicle’s needs.

If your battery has died and you’ve tried to revive it but it’s no longer holding a charge, you’ll most likely need to buy a new one. It’s important that the latest battery meets or exceeds the requirements of your car.

This is to ensure that your new battery has enough power to start a car that hasn’t been driven in a long time – which yours hasn’t, of course. This is due to two factors:

Manufacturers put their batteries through rigorous testing to ensure that they can reboot a vehicle that hasn’t been used in a few weeks. Stuff that might drain a car’s battery, such as plugged-in dash cams, aren’t taken into account in this examination.

When you buy a new battery, it’s usually only half charged, so you might have trouble starting your car.

8) Disconnect any cords that aren’t in use.

While we’re still in lockout and you’re not driving, it’s a good idea to unplug anything that could drain your power. Take dash cams, for example.

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